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The Nyanga national park is an adventurous place, situated in one of the most scenic areas of Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands. It is amazing to get to explore and discover the flora and fauna such as the beautiful glazing flowers and trees as well as the wildebeest, zebras, impalas and other small mammals as well as aquatic life located in the park


  • Mount Nyangani
  • Mutarizi falls
  • Nyagombe falls
  • Rhodes museum
  • Trout hatchery


  • Game watching
  • Boating
  • Hitch hiking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing


Also regarded as the city of the kings. Bulawayo is one of Zimbabwe’s popular tourist attractions, often twinned with the beautiful Aberdeen city in Scotland. Bulawayo is one of the largest cities in Zimbabwe, located in the south west region of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo is popular for its history and tourist attractions as it is the home of the legendary kings, Lobengula and Mzilikazi. People also find their way to the great city to discover the flora and fauna as well as the fascinating rich history contained in the great city.


  • Tsabalala sanctuary
  • Khami ruins
  • Mutobo national parks
  • Mguza national reserve


  • Site seeing
  • Game watching
  • Camping
  • Museum visit


One of Zimbabwe’s finest places to explore and experience unique pleasures. Gweru is located, center of Zimbabwe near the geographical center of the country. It is the capital of the midlands province. Gweru offers a range of parks one of which is the antelope park which offers beautiful camp sites and game. Antelope Park is one exciting place to visit which gives experiences difficult to forget. It is one of the places in Zimbabwe, one gets an opportunity to walk with lion cubs and discover a vast number of game.


  • Horse riding
  • Game viewing
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Boating


Kariba is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Zimbabwe, it is also said to be the home of the nyami nyami creature. Kariba is a resort town in Mashonaland west province. It is also were the kariba hydro power station is located. One can experience a great time as the place is filled with wonders and spectacular sites.


  • Hydro power plant
  • Mutusadona national park
  • Lake kariba
  • Kariba dam wall
  • Game drives along the lake shoreline


  • Fishing
  • Game viewing by boat
  • Boat cruises
  • Bird watching
  • Cultural village tours

Hwange National Park

Hwange is a unique sanctuary, stated to be one of the world’s last great elephant sanctuary. Hwange national park is located in the west Zimbabwe region. Its mopane woods are home to large elephant herds, African wild dogs and lions. Animals gather at Masuma and Manda dam, where there are concealed lookouts.


  • Hwange national park
  • Ngweshla picnic site
  • African safari walks
  • Hwange horseback safari
  • Ingugama tours


  • Overnight safari camping
  • Game watch
  • Hwange day trip
  • Game drive
  • 3 nights Hwange safari


Is the capital city of Zimbabwe and the most populous city of Zimbabwe. On the edge of landscaped Harare gardens, Harare has a lot to offer as it contains a vast gallery of contemporary art and traditional pieces of Zimbabwean culture and heritage. Wildlife such as Zebras and giraffes roam the Mukuvisi woodlands as well as bird park and bike paths, proving how the capital is full of exciting sites.


  • Mukuvisi woodlands
  • Lion and cheetah park
  • Thetford game reserve
  • Kuimba shiri bird sanctuary
  • Wild life trust and zen


Located about 30 km out of Harare, off the Borrowdale/Domboshawa Rd”, the Domboshawa Caves is a must-visit for adults, children, students, artists, photographers and fitness lovers!!! Located in the Chinamora Communal
lands, offering a magnificent 360º view of the surrounding countryside, the historical granite hill is a suitable location for a day-trip for recreational picnics, meditation, sundowners, religious get-aways or quiet walking trails for you or your pets


  • San Rock Art
  • Geological formations
  • Interpretive centre
  • Natural scenic environments with wooded vegetation
  • Flowing streams and pools
  • There are safari lodges and various other budget and upmarket lodges and guest houses within the proximity of the attraction in surrounding neighborhoods for overnighters!!!


The Chinhoyi caves are a group of limestone and dolomite caves, located in north central Zimbabwe. It was designated a national park in 1955. The main cave contains a pool of cobalt clear blue water, which is popularly called the sleeping pool or Chirorodziva. The caves have an important place in the traditional religion, with the caves themselves as a site for rain making ceremonies.


  • Chinhoyi caves
  • Kingfisher park
  • National gallery of Zimbabwe
  • Charlse prince airport
  • Matobo national park


  • Driving
  • Game viewing
  • Rock art galleries
  • Cultural activities
  • Bird watching


Situated in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe is the must visit place in Zimbabwe. You will be surprised by some unique things to do and experience as it is known as the hidden destination. It is full of mountains visualized from all sides of the place and houses several natural trails were you can enjoy hiking. This is a must visit scenic place of beauty that would offer you wonderous works of nature.


  • Chimanimani national park
  • Lion hill forest
  • Bridal veil falls
  • Chimanimani eland sanctuary


  • Site seeing
  • Mountain hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Camping in the caves
  • Swimming in sparkling pools


Also known as Matobo hills, is a mass of granite hills, located in the southeast region of Bulawayo. It was formed by river erosion and weathered into fantastic shapes and deep valleys. The hills are associated with folklore and tradition, making it one of Zimbabwe’s special places to have a tour.


  • Grave of Cecil John Rhodes
  • Matobo hills
  • Maleme dam
  • Pomongwe cave
  • Nswatugi caves


  • Historical site seeing
  • Rhino tracking
  • Visiting rock art galleries
  • Visiting Ndebele villages


Is a medieval city in the south eastern hills of Zimbabwe near Lake Mutirikwi and the town of Masvingo. The construction of the stone buildings started in the 11th century and continued for over 300 years. The ruins at Great Zimbabwe are some of the oldest and largest structures in southern Africa. It is said to have been originally settled by the bushman. It is a must visit place for sure as it contains primitive marvelous stone constructions and spectacular sites and history.


  • Great Zimbabwe wall
  • Lake Mutirikwi
  • Stone houses


  • Site seeing
  • walking
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