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Tropic Travel & Tours Offers A Wide Range Of Services.



In need of venues and bookings for events, We can get you there and provide an array of venues for you to host your events.



We connect you to any destination, the best way possible. We try to make it as affordable and as assessible as possible. No destination is unreachable to us.


Car Rental

If you want a more personal feel and don't have the means, don't fret we have you covered. We assist with car hires for individuals and groups.


Travel Services 

We like our customers to be fully equipped and we assist you with what you need to get to your destinations.  Visas & Travel insurance, processing for all destinations.



We assist you to find a perfect comfortable home away
from home. With your homely needs
in mind we make sure that you will never miss home
and you have a place to call home sweet home
where ever you are.


Holiday Packages

We encourage traveller's to explore and acquaint themselves with their favourite holiday destination. Our holiday packages provide you with memories and adventures that you will never forget.



 Live the dream, experience the passion. Talk to us now and let us plan every detail of your tour, to any place around the globe. 


Through careful observation and active listening, we have come to realize that travel is not the end in itself, but a means to an end. It stems from your desire to be reunited with loved ones. To meet with business partners. To seal important deals. To make a difference in another part of the world. Or simply to get that well deserved rest. In essence, you travel because you desire to connect with your dreams and passions.

At Tropic Travel & Tours we have turned your desire into a passion on our part, to mobilize the means and resources necessary to connect you with your dreams and passion. Our top priority is to get you there at the right time, in the right mood.
We will manage all your travel requirements to any destination in the world in the areas of :
 Business travel
 Holiday and leisure travel
 Visiting friends and relatives
 Emergency and critical care travel

When you book with us, wherever your dream or passion is located, we make sure you get connected. We know the best carriers, the cost-saving deals, the most convenient routes, and the most opportune times to get you there. Safety. Cost-effectively Comfortable 


Do you feel the need to relax, refresh, or regenerate? Allow us to connect you to your dream tour and holiday of your passion.
Tours that we arrange and recommend are guaranteed to change your life. They cover the following themes:
 Wildlife and game drives
 Scenic attractions
 Adventure and adrenalin activities
 Arts, cultural and ecological tours
 Historic and educational tours
 Sandy beaches and water sports
 Entertainment and shopping
See enchanting sights, smell tantalizing aromas, listen to sounds that thrill the soul, witness heart-warming moments, feel unutterable pleasures as you experience natural and man-made wonders in Zimbabwe and other lands. Live the dream, experience the passion. Talk to us now and let us plan every detail of your tour, to any place around the globe. 


Most often, your dream and passion is enriched by the presence of family, friends or business associates, necessitating the need to travel in a group.

At Tropic Travel and Tours, we cater for the travel requirements of any special interest group. Our dedicated staff and travel partners are able to meet and satisfy the needs of any group size, composition or experience.

Be it a couple, a single family , sports team, conference delegates, or other special interest group, we will facilitate transportation, accommodation and meal arrangements, and smooth transfers between venues.
For your group’s future travel arrangements, get in touch with our friendly staff, which will turn your trip into a memorable event for every member of the group.